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Crafting Supplies

Crafting Supplies

Ingredients and components used in the crafting of goods that are purchased from Crafting Supplies Merchants



Chunk of Coal

Raw material used in smelting and blacksmithing.  Can also be mined from coal nodes found while adventuring.


Raw material used in milling.

Curing Salt

Raw material used in tanning.



Raw material used in carpentry.

Minor Tools


Edged Chisel

Used in the crafting of platemail armor.

Wire Pliers

Used in the crafting of chainmail armor.

Stone Chisel

Used to shape Granite Blocks into walls, fences, and decorations



Arrow Head Mold


Dagger Blade Mold

Great Axe Head Mold

Halberd Blade Mold

Hand Axe Head Mold

Heavy War Hammer Head Mold

Ingot Mold

Longsword Blade Mold

Mace Head Mold

Sheet Mold

Shortsword Blade Mold

Spear Head Mold


Two-handed Mace Head Mold

War Hammer Head Mold

Two-handed Sword Blade Mold

Wire Mold