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Smelting is a refining skill used to transform raw materials gathered through Mining into usable materials for crafting. Additionally, Smelting can be used to produce finished goods such as walls, fences, stone blocks, pathways, and stone decorations.  The primary focus for most smelters is to produce metal ingots for used by blacksmiths.


How do I smelt?

The process for crafting items is consistent across skills, so please refer to the "How do I craft?" section of the Crafting 101 guide.

What can I smelt?


Metal ingots used in the crafting of metal components, weapons, and armor


Metal wire used in the crafting of chainmail armor

Stone Blocks

Stone blocks of various sizes and shapes that can be used to construct custom structures and walls on a housing lot or in a player owned town

Walls and Fences

Dividers and gates in a variety of styles and sizes that can be placed on a housing lot or in a player owned town

Statues and Carvings

Paths and Roadways




Advice from Oakenhammer, Grandmaster Smelter

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