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Livestream Notes - Sept 16, 2019 - Crafting Highlights

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Livestream Notes - Sept 16, 2019 - Crafting Highlights

Patrick Conners

Chris "Atos" Spears is actively working on adding a new large mine to the game that will be located on the 3rd floor of the Tartarus dungeon. A side entrance directly to the mind will be located in the Savrenoc Stronghold scene to allow players to bypass the first two floors of Tartarus.

The mine will be the first appearance of Tier 6 ore nodes, which will yield up to 5 ore in the initial success. Additionally, meticulous gathering success on these nodes will provide additional chances to obtain Granite as well as ore.

Under the current plan, there are expected to be 20+ nodes active at one time at 40 to 60 possible locations.

It is expected that the mine will become available with or before Release 70 on September 26th, 2019.

You can watch the entire livestream below: