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Release 69 - Highlights

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 69 - Highlights

Patrick Conners

We typically focus on the crafting and related changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 69 changes at

Grandmaster Item Enchantments and Item Masterworks

Reaching Grandmaster status (skill level 100+) in Item Enchantment and Item Masterworking unlocks major item stat effects that are +3

  • Alchemy: Armor and Weapon Enchantment

  • Blacksmithing: Blade, Plate, Chain, and Shield Masterwork

  • Carpentry: Bludgeon, Polearms, and Ranged Masterwork

  • Tailoring: Leather and Cloth Masterwork

Recipe Book UpdatesRings & Necklaces Category

  • Rings and Necklaces now have their own category in the Blacksmithing section of the Recipe Book

  • Clothing recipes have been consolidated into the Armor section of the Recipe Book

Two-Handed Weapon Enchantment & Masterwork Balance

Enchantments and Masterworks related to Two-Handed weapons have been adjusted to make sure they are balanced well against the effects combinations of two one-handed weapons

Tavern Counter (Flipped Version) Recipe

There is now a recipe for a flipped version of the craftable Tavern Counter. This recipe can be found on the Decoration Merchant in Etceter (Quel region) with the other Tavern decoration recipes.

Updated Artifacts

More legacy artifacts have been updated to the new tiered system:

  • Frozen Tear of Titans

  • Gaia’s Heart

  • Heart of Vrul

  • Maple Band

  • Ring of Air

  • Ring of Chrysopoeia

  • Ring of Death

  • Ring of Earth

  • Ring of Fire

  • Ring of Jones

  • Ring of Life

  • Ring of the Moon

  • Ring of the Sun

  • Ring of Water

  • Sage’s Sash

  • Shard of Night

  • Shield of Attraction

  • Shield of the Wicked King

  • Thimble of Evelyn

  • Thunder Branch

  • Vexlyn’s Ember of Conflagration

  • Warlock’s Chain

  • Wayland Loop