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Release 68 - Highlights

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 68 - Highlights

Patrick Conners

We typically focus on the crafting and related changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 68 changes at

Crafting Masteries

Upon reaching 100 skill level in the parent Enchantment or Masterwork skills, new Mastery skills are now available for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpenty, and Tailoring. Mastery skills unlock the ability for "Refresh Effects” (aka reroll) to appear when Enchanting and Masterworking. Higher levels of Mastery influence how often Refresh Effects appears. NOTE: the chance for Refresh Effects doesn't yet display, but will be added soon.

Display Selection Power

During Masterwork and Enchantment selection the power the effect would contribute to the item is now displayed. This will help communicate power and rarity of the selections available. Examples: Lesser Dexterity (+1), Dexterity (+2)

Weighted Effects Selection

Masterwork and Enchantment effects now have rarity weights that represent the chance that they will show up for selection (versus just being a completely random list). NOTE: Look for more Rare Enchants and Masterworks to appear in the future now that we have this in place!

Fishing Trophy Length Display

Fish trophies now display an extra decimal place in the length field. This should greatly assist with granularity during fishing contests in deciding who wins what.

Consumable Leaderboards

Leaderboards have been expanded to now include consumables information. Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

Pathfinding to Resources

Automatic pathfinding to resource nodes has been removed when harvesting, gathering, mining, skinning, etc. when you are close enough and facing the right direction. This removed the cases where the automatic pathfinding would fail and avatars would get caught in a pathing loop.

Heritage Items

Heritage Items are high value items offered at a discounted price, and provide the best bang for your buck in the Crown Shop. These items cannot be lost to ransom or traded with other players, and they can be freely stored in your bank without penalty or restriction. Look for items marked with the Heritage crest in the Crown Shop!


Updated Artifacts

The following legacy artifacts have been updated to the new tiered system:

  • Belt of the Brutal Butcher

  • Belt of the Ox

  • Belt of the Patient Harvester

  • Ring of Cat’s Grace

  • Ring of the Cuttlekin

  • Ring of the Deep Woods

  • Ring of the Frogkin

  • Ring of the Gambler

  • Pax Ring

  • Spider Silk Belt

  • Xen Penetrator

  • Spiderleg Staff


Players can now display clothing and armor on mannequins! There are male and female mannequins in a variety of poses available in the Crown Shop. There is also a recipe for a craftable version.

Persistent State for Lights

In Release 67, the ability to set the default state of the doors on player homes (open or closed) was added. This has now been expanded to include lights. Lights now have a right-click option to set their default state. A light can be set to default to On or Off. NOTE: This was patched into Release 67.

Player Lot Permissions Restructure

Decorations and lot permissions have been restructured.

  • Tenant is now a lot access level (just below Kindred) instead of a play mode. A player with tenant access can move decorations on a lot, place decorations, and take decorations that they placed. Stacking constraints have been removed for tenants. Tenants may place vendors, and participate in agriculture.

  • Players with Kindred or higher access may move items on a lot – even those placed by other players.

  • The property manager UI no longer treats tenant items specially. Only the lot owner may use the property manager UI.

  • The player placing a decoration on a lot shares ownership of the item with the other players who have access to the lot. Previously, decorations placed on a lot became the property of the lot owner.

  • “Send to the bank” now sends decorations to the bank of the player who placed the item. Previously all lot contents went to the bank of the lot owner.

  • Moving items on a lot no longer changes permission settings.

  • Decorations can now be flagged to allow “move-only” access to players with public access. (Non-banned players can move the item, but not take it.)