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Release 67 - Crafting Changes Highlights

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 67 - Crafting Changes Highlights

Patrick Conners

We are focusing on just the crafting and related changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 67 changes at

Material Bonuses for Crafted Rings and Necklaces

Rings and necklaces can now be crafted out of metal materials and have bonuses based on the metal type. The existing ring and necklace recipes have been renamed to Metal Ring and Metal Necklace. Updated recipes for these items require less ingredients than previously. There are recipes for each item and material type. Recipes for metal, iron, bronze, gold and silver items can be purchased from Blacksmiths. Recipes for advanced metals can be found in supply bundles dropped from humanoid creatures.

Loot with Components & Enchantments (Outskirts Loot Improvements)

Creatures drop weapons and armor with components and enchantments to create a progression path. Currently this is focused on Outskirts creatures but framework for extending the system to all power creatures is being created.

Patterns from Rusty Weapons

Rusty Weapons will now drop patterns when salvaged.

Artifact Tiers

More than a dozen old artifacts have been converted to the new system where they can be combined to make more powerful items.

Bolt of Cloth Changes

The basic Bolt of Cotton Cloth now rewards static focus instead of a small percent. Previously crafted “Bolt of Cotton Cloth” remain unchanged and appended with Vintage tag. Mana bonus from Bolt of Fustian Cloth slightly increased.

“Always Open” State for Doors

You can now right-click on your door and choose to keep it “Always Open”! In future releases we will expand this type of persistence to include shutters, lights, battle banners, capacitors, and more. This was made possible by the work required for mannequins (which the team is hoping to have working as soon as Release 68).

Scaling % Visible When Scaling Decorations

At the request of players, now using the new Decoration Scaling feature shows the current scale of the item being scaled. This will help when trying to set multiple items to the same scale.

Decoration Surfaces on Wall Dividers and Bulletin Boards

At the request of players, all Wall Divider decorations (Antique, Ornate Antique, Ornate Cherry, Ornate Shogun, Shogun, Wooden) can now have other wall decorations (paintings, lights, shelves, etc.) placed on them. The team also updated the Bulletin Boards so they can take any wall decorations (not just posts). This will be expanded to also include Castle Walls (and maybe even some of the taller fences!). NOTE: This was patched into Release 66.