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Release 66 - Crafting Changes Highlights

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 66 - Crafting Changes Highlights

Patrick Conners

We are focusing on just the crafting changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 66 changes at

Artifact Combining

Going forward Artifacts will come in four types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. Like the totems, you can combine 4 of the same type to get the next tier up. Over time older artifacts will be updated to be of the Uncommon type so they can be upgraded as well.

Clockwork Dragon Trophy

Clockwork Dragons finally have a chance to drop a head when killed which can then be used to craft a trophy head to mount on your wall. This has long been the only full-sized dragon that does not have a trophy head.


Player-Made Dungeons Dynamic Navigation Mesh

Navigation meshes for player made dungeons (in adventure mode) are now pre-baked and loaded from disk at run time. Players should observe a significant improvement in load times (up to 80% faster in some situations) when entering adventure mode dungeons. Pets may occasionally not follow you across pieces as the links between them are a bit touchy; this will be improved over time.

Fancy Bastard Sword

This new 2-handed sword will be sure to impress those who are about to lose their heads to its blade. NOTE: This was patched into Release 65.

Heraldry Polearm

This equippable polearm has a flag on it that has space for your personal heraldry! Perfect for using the /guard emote with to proudly display your heraldry as you go to war.


Crafting Specializations Delayed

Work on Taming Skills, New Top Tier Taming Creatures and adding Baby Dragons to taming delayed Specializations work.