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Release 65 - Crafting Changes Highlights

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 65 - Crafting Changes Highlights

Patrick Conners

We are focusing on just the crafting changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 65 changes at

Wood Pulp Refinement

The Wood Pulp recipe is now part of refinement and Refinement bonuses are now available. Paper makers everywhere rejoiced!

Batch Consumable Recipes

Batch versions of recipes for some consumables can now be found on alchemy merchants. These include: Recall Scroll, Teleport Scrolls, Lesser Healing Potions, Lesser Focus Potions, Healing Potions, and Focus Potions.

Item Weight Changes

Crafting results now weigh less than source materials for most recipes. This resulted in tweaks to the weight on many different items. For the most part they were reduced but a few were increased. Food, crafted components, armor, creature components and arrows in particular had their weight reduced. Scrap is the one category of item that the weight is too low and was increased.

Taming Collars and Animal Collars

The recipes related to the taming collar has been simplified to not require the animal collar component crafted from tailoring but to instead require those ingredients. The active “Taming Collar” recipe has been updated. A discoverable recipe has been added that works the same as the old recipe for the existing animal collars. The animal collar recipes is not being removed from the game, just removed from circulation.

Decoration Scaling

Select decorations can now be scaled slightly (plus or minus 20%). Note that trophies that already have a scale factor (such as for trophy fish) and many items that are interactive (crafting stations, beds, chairs, etc.) cannot be scaled.

Decoration Flipping

A limited number of items will now also allow flipping them over to show the other side (like we allow for books). This will not be available on most items.

Dungeon Encounters

Encounter versions of the 3 dungeon rooms from the Challenge Dungeon have been added. The blueprints should now drop from creatures there and the conversion recipes have been added for existing rooms. These encounters are less challenging than the other rooms for those seeking something a bit less demanding.

Hourglass Recipe

This new recipe, which can be found on Alchemy merchants, requires Elemental Sand found on Sand and Earth Elementals.