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Release 63 - Crafting Changes Highlights

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 63 - Crafting Changes Highlights

Patrick Conners

We are focusing on just the crafting changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 63 changes at

Pronged Weapons (aka Tridents)

This new one-handed polearm type is a little slower and less damaging than other polearms but it triggers damage and effects three times per hit! This means effects like Push, Pull, and Poison get applied up to 3 times each hit! As of R63, you will find Pitchforks (found in-game), a Trident (craftable), an Ornate Trident (Crown Shop), and the Daemon Trident (a rare and powerful artifact).

Player-Made Dungeon Encounters

The first round of Player Made Dungeon encounters are going live in Release 63, including a system to level up these dungeon encounter rooms! For this first release, the team is adding one encounter type, but it’ll be added to multiple different rooms. It may be a “proof of concept” encounter, but any effort players put into leveling-up the room will be saved. The initial release will have the encounters and lich skulls will drop but totems will not be craftable for a few days. Totem recipes will be added in a patch once the initial system seems stable.

New Recipes

  • Trident Recipe (Carpentry merchants)

Note: Trident components are available on Blacksmithing merchants

New Patterns

  • Aether Weapons Eternal Patterns (Stretch Goals)

  • Ornate Dragon Helm Eternal Pattern (Crown Shop)

  • Ornate Dragon Helm Pattern Pack (Crown Shop)

  • Colored Dragon Masks Eternal Patterns (Stretch Goal)

  • Ornate Trident Eternal Pattern (Crown Shop)

  • Ornate Trident Pattern Pack (Crown Shop)

  • Rabbit Bodice & Rabbit Tailed Skirt Eternal Patterns (Expired Seasonal)

  • Rough Pirate Outfit Eternal Patterns (Crown Shop)

  • Rough Pirate Outfit Pattern Pack (Crown Shop)

  • Bicorn Hat Eternal Pattern (Crown Shop)

  • Bicorn Hat Pattern Pack (Crown Shop)

New Blueprints and Dungeon Components

  • Lich Dungeon Encounter Totem (The Fall)

  • The Fall Lich Room Blueprint (The Fall)

  • The Fall Lich Room Recipe (The Fall)