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Weekly Community Livestream (September 28 @ 4pm CT) - Taming

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Weekly Community Livestream (September 28 @ 4pm CT) - Taming

Patrick Conners

In exciting news this Friday is the first Friday where all purchases from noon to midnight count towards the Release 58 Stretch Goals (link to R58 livestream coming soon!) which are dragon themed in honor of the Wyverns which are going live in Release 58!

  • $10K: Dragon Egg Decorations

  • $25K: /breathefirespiral

  • $35K: Dragon Skin Rugs (2 colors)

  • $50K: Dragon Dungeon Entrance Pattern

  • $65K: Dragon Bow & Dragon Plate Helm

  • $80K: Dragon Sword & Dragon Polearm

  • $90K: Dragon Mask Set (multiple color variants) with smoke VFX

  • $100K: Unique Dungeon Dragon Encounter Room