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Release 53 - Crafting Changes

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 53 - Crafting Changes

Patrick Conners

We are focusing on just the crafting changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 53 changes at

Crafting Failure Changes

Failure when Enchanting or Masterworking an item will no longer destroy the item, but rather will decrease maximum durability. When the item reaches 30 or less durability, the item will be blocked from further Enchanting and Masterworking.

Player-Crafted Gear as Loot

Weapons and armor crafted by players and sold to NPC merchants now have a chance to be found in supply bundles, which are found as loot on humanoid enemies. Player crafted items found in this way are sorted by power so the more powerful items will appear in supply bundles found on more powerful enemies.

Heraldry (refer to the Heraldry Guide for more information)

The Heraldry system is now open for everyone through the sale of Heraldry Eternal Patterns in the Add-On Store. New versions of plate armor, chain armor, leather armor, cloth armor, and banners are now available and are visually distinct from the Founder versions released in Release 52.  Additionally, a cloak and rectangular heater sheild are now available.

Harvestable Resources Visibility

Garlic, Nightshade, and Mandrake Root are all now easier to see. Garlic also has been made larger, with leaves added. Additionally, Nightshade and Mandrake Root have the whole plant pulsing, instead of just parts of those plants.

Worn Armor

Low-level humanoids will drop worn armor which can be equipped or salvaged for patterns (note no pattern for the cloak). These will come in all armor types and a cloak: Rusty Plate Armor, Rusty Chainmail, Ragged Leather Armor, Dirty Cloth Armor, and Worn Cloak.

Offline Drop Rates

For R53, the drop rates for almost everything has been increased in Offline Mode. This means that resources (ex. ore), artifacts, recipes, gold, and components will now all appear at much greater frequency.

Animal Skin Rugs

Animal skins and heads can now be used to craft Animal Skin rugs.

Animal skin rugs (from left to right; deer, timber wolf, cow, obsidian bear)

New Recipes & Patterns

  • Short Banner (Aerie Decoration Merchant recipe)
  • Long Banner (Aerie Decoration Merchant recipe)
  • Gustball Tower (Brittany Decoration Merchants recipe)

Animal Skin Rugs (Discoverable + Etceter Decoration Merchant recipes)

  • Brown Bear Skin Rug
  • Boar Skin Rug
  • Cow Skin Rug
  • Crocodile Skin Rug
  • Deer Skin Rug
  • Timber Wolf Skin Rug

Animal Skin Rugs (Discoverable recipes)

  • Arctic Wolf Skin Rug
  • Desert Wolf Skin Rug
  • Grizzly Bear Skin Rug
  • Obsidian Wolf Skin Rug
  • Obsidian Bear Skin Rug
  • Patriarch Bear Skin Rug
  • Polar Bear Skin Rug

Worn Armor (Patterns found as loot on humanoids)

  • Rusty Plate Armor Helm
  • Rusty Plate Armor Leggings
  • Rusty Plate Armor Gauntlets
  • Rusty Plate Armor Boots
  • Rusty Plate Armor Chest
  • Rusty Chainmail Helm
  • Rusty Chainmail Leggings
  • Rusty Chainmail Boots
  • Rusty Chainmail Gauntlets
  • Rusty Chainmail Chest
  • Dirty Cloth Armor Helm
  • Dirty Cloth Armor Leggings
  • Dirty Cloth Armor Boots
  • Dirty Cloth Armor Gloves
  • Dirty Cloth Armor Chest
  • Ragged Leather Armor Helm
  • Ragged Leather Armor Leggings
  • Ragged Leather Armor Gloves
  • Ragged Leather Armor Boots
  • Ragged Leather Armor Chest

Heraldry Patterns (Eternal Patterns in Add-On Store)

  • Cloth Heraldry Chest Piece
  • Cloth Heraldry Leggings
  • Leather Heraldry Chest Piece
  • Leather Heraldry Leggings
  • Plate Heraldry Chest Piece
  • Plate Heraldry Leggings
  • Chain Heraldry Chest Piece
  • Chain Heraldry Leggings
  • Rectangular Heraldry Shield
  • Heraldry Front Clasped Cloak
  • Short Heraldry Banner
  • Long Heraldry Banner