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Release 52 - Official Launch

News -

Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 52 - Official Launch

Patrick Conners

We are focusing on just the crafting changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 52 changes at

Experience Point Rebalance

The amount of experience gained from crafting has been increased for all recipes. The increase is greater for higher level recipes and the diminishing returns for repeated crafting has been reduced.

Harvesting Visual Effects

Harvestable resources were updated to have a glow that pulses every few seconds (see below)

New Meats

Squirrels and Wild Boars now provide squirrel meat and pork, respectively, for new cooking recipes

Potions from Potions

New recipes for health and focus potions have been added to allow the conversion of lesser potions to normal and normal potions to greater potions. Note: it is still more profitable to craft the greater potions from scratch, but if you have a pile of lower level potions taking up room, it may be worth combining them.

Potion Alchemy Skill Requirement Balance

The Alchemy skill level requirements were incorrectly set at level 1 for the new sets of potions. The skill levels have been adjusted based on the power of the potion.

  • Potion of Health, Lesser: 1
  • Potion of Focus, Lesser: 1
  • Health Potion: 1
  • Focus Potion: 1
  • Cure Plague Potion: 20
  • Cure Poison Potion: 20
  • Potion of Focus, Greater: 30
  • Potion of Health, Greater: 30
  • Poison Potion, Stinging: 30
  • Explosive Potion: 30
  • Haste Potion: 30
  • Poison Potion, Deadly: 40
  • Potion of Acumen: 40
  • Potion of Cat’s Grace: 40
  • Potion of Deftness: 40
  • Potion of Wolf Speed: 40
  • Potion of Might: 40
  • Potion of Resistance, Elemental: 50
  • Potion of Focus, Imbued: 50
  • Potion of Health, Imbued: 50
  • Potion of Resistance, Magic: 50
  • Poison Potion, Festering Death: 50
  • Potion of Regeneration: 50
  • Potion of Restoration: 50
  • Poison Potion, Corpion: 60
  • Poison Potion, Numbing: 60
  • Poison Potion, Paralyzing Spider Venom: 60
  • Poison Potion, Chaotic Corruption: 70
  • Potion of Regeneration, Imbued: 70
  • Potion of Restoration, Imbued: 70

New Recipes

  • Wood & Stone Inn (carpentry, skill level 100)
  • Pork Meet from Boar (butchery, skill level 30)
  • Salt Cured Pork (cooking, skill level 1)
  • Bacon (cooking, skill level 40)
  • Squirrel Meat (butchery, skill level 10)
  • Squirrel Stew (cooking, skill level 30)
  • Squirrel Skewers (cooking, skill level 30)
  • Potion of Health from Potion of Health, Lesser (alchemy, skill level 1)
  • Potion of Focus from Potion of Focus, Lesser  (alchemy, skill level 1)
  • Potion of Health, Greater from Potion of Health (alchemy, skill level 20)
  • Potion of Focus, Greater from Potion of Focus (alchemy, skill level 20)

New Patterns

  • Female Shopkeepers (4)
  • Hooded Lich Helm
  • Obsidian Lich Helm
  • Founder Cloth Heraldry Chest Piece
  • Founder Cloth Heraldry Leggings
  • Founder Leather Heraldry Chest Piece
  • Founder Leather Heraldry Leggings
  • Founder Plate Heraldry Chest Piece
  • Founder Plate Heraldry Leggings
  • Founder Chain Heraldry Chest Piece
  • Founder Chain Heraldry Leggings
  • Founder Metal Heater Shield
  • Founder Short Banner
  • Founder Long Banner