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Release 58 Livestream – October 4, 2018 (Dragon Themed)

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 58 Livestream – October 4, 2018 (Dragon Themed)

Patrick Conners


Monthly livestreams are on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, world building tours, prize giveaways, sales on items, and more! Here is the schedule:

  • 3PM: Introductions

  • 3:30PM: Deep Dive 1: Player Made Dungeons

  • 4:30PM: Q&A

  • 5:30PM: Deep Dive 2: Seasonal Content

  • 6:30PM: Q&A

  • 7PM: Ending Announcements

STRETCH GOALS (Dragon Themed!)

As a special bonus, we are offering funding rewards to any player that makes a minimum purchase of $5 during a twelve hour window during the day of the livestream, on October 4 from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (Oct 4 17:00 to Oct 5 05:00 UTC). In honor of the Wyverns going live in Release 58 the theme for this livestream is Dragons!

All purchases during the twelve hour window will count towards the stretch goals, not just the four hours of the livestream! Also participation in the Rewards Program counts towards our stretch goal totals!

Please note that we have extended availability of the stretch goals to every Friday of the release for 12 hours per the new Stretch Goal Tracking Changes.

  • ACHIEVED $10K: Dragon Egg Decorations

  • $25K: /breathefirespiral

  • $35K: Dragon Skin Rugs (2 colors)

  • $50K: Dragon Dungeon Entrance Pattern

  • $65K: Dragon Bow & Dragon Plate Helm

  • $80K: Dragon Sword & Dragon Polearm

  • $90K: Dragon Mask Set (multiple color variants) with smoke VFX

  • $100K: Unique Dungeon Dragon Encounter Room

*Please keep in mind that stretch goal rewards take time to develop and will most likely not be available until Release 61 at the earliest. The team will keep you updated!