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Release 50 - Crafting Changes

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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Release 50 - Crafting Changes

Patrick Conners

We are focusing on just the crafting changes, but you can find the full list of all the Release 50 changes at

Skill Level Requirements

The Crafting Proficiency value has been replaced by a unified Skill Level so the requirements are easier to understand. Skill Level can now be found in all the areas of the interface where proficiency used to be displayed.

Additionally, you can now find the skill level requirements for recipes you already know in your recipe book. If you don’t have sufficient skill to craft an item, you will see the needed requirement when you view the recipe at a crafting station.

New Refining Skills!

All of the refining skill trees have been expanded with 3 new skills that increase the output and efficiency of any crafted Refined Materials items (not Components):

  • Batching: Increases the maximum number that can be crafted in bulk. Currently, each player is capped 20, but at skill level 100 (Grandmaster) that cap is raised to 60.
  • Speed: Reduces the length of time required for each attempt. At skill level 100, the time is reduced by 20%, which stacks with other time reductions you may have.
  • Efficiency: Increases the chance to gain extra materials when crafting Refined Materials. At skill level 100, there is a 20% chance to gain additional materials with an additional output range of 50% to 100% (i.e. there is a 20% chance to gain an additional iron ingot when smelting)

User Interface Update

The user interface for recipe list at the crafting stations has been updated.

New Unique Skill Icons

Skill icons in each of skill trees have been updated so that all skills have a unique icon

New Recipes

The following new recipes were added to the game:

  • Bear Clan Leather Armor (4 pieces) (Norgard Bear Clan Barbarians)
  • Bear Headdress (Norgard Bear Clan Barbarians)
  • Boar Clan Leather Armor (4 pieces) (Norgard Boar Clan Barbarians)
  • Boar Headdress (Norgard Boar Clan Barbarians)
  • Dragon Clan Leather Armor (4 pieces) (Norgard Dragon Clan Barbarians)
  • Dragon Headdress (Norgard Dragon Clan Barbarians)
  • Dual Wax Cylinder Phonograph (Music Merchants, Ardoris Carpentry Merchant)
  • Front Clasp Cloak (Tailoring Merchants)
  • Hanging Potted Azalea Plant (Verdantis Decoration Merchants)
  • Hanging Potted Ivy Plant (Verdantis Decoration Merchants)
  • Hanging Potted Sword Plant (Verdantis Decoration Merchants)
  • Log Cabin (Ardoris Carpentry Merchant)
  • Primal Bear Headdress (Norgard Bear Clan Barbarians)
  • Stag Clan Leather Armor (3 pieces) (Norgard Stag Clan Barbarians)
  • Stag Headdress (Norgard Stag Clan Barbarians)
  • Taming Sign (South Paladis Decoration Merchants)
  • Wall Mirror (Verdantis Decoration Merchants)
  • Wild Boar Trophy (Quel Decoration Merchants)
  • Wolf Clan Leather Armor (2 pieces) (Norgard Wolf Clan Barbarians)
  • Wolf Headdress (Norgard Wolf Clan Barbarians)

Other Notes

  • Mossy Handle: The drop rate for this rare component has been tripled (but it will still be VERY rare).
  • Refined Components Purchase Orders: You can now create Purchase Orders for Refined Components on your Player Vendors.