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Latest news for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing in Shroud of the Avatar

Weekly Community Livestream (September 28 @ 4pm CT) - Taming

Patrick Conners

This week the team is going to talk about Taming! Chris “Atos” Spears and Brandon “Bzus” Cotton will be showing you how to tame creatures in the game. The team will show you how the system works from crafting taming collars, through taming a creature, to summoning the creature to fight for you. The team will be using some of the latest high tier tameable creatures like the Wyverns and Obsidian Bears to demonstrate.

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Weekly Community Livestream (September 21 @ 4pm CT) - Player Made Books

Patrick Conners

This week the team is going to talk about Player Made Books! Joaquin “Wizardsmoke” Del Canto and Scott “Scottie” Jones will be showing how to make and publish a player made book as well as how to make copies of it using the Printing Press. The team will also show off other player customized writing items and uses for them like notes with mail, Bulletin Boards with Flyers, and more!

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