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Hilt Fortress

Hilt Fortress

Tier 5 Adventure Area - Home of the Obsidian Forge

"Within the Blackblade Mountains, between South Paladis to the west and Midmaer to the east, is the narrow cleft of Nightshade Pass. At its center, the winding pass opens up into a bowl-shaped canyon in which rests a shimmering lake fed by icy water flowing down from glaciers hidden higher in the mountains to the north. On the south end of this valley can be seen the tall volcanic mountain of Hilt that gives this region its name. It's on the north end of the canyon, however, that the area's most interesting feature can be found.

It is now over 200 years ago (during the time depicted in the Blade of the Avatar book) that the Obsidian general Karpasic ordered the building of the fortress at Hilt. It was created as a conceit for the glory of the Obsidian military power... something which didn't please the Cabal of the Obsidian Sorcerers. Furthermore, according to legend, it was where the military discovered, deep below the earth, the wondrous Obsidian Forge. During its time, however, the excuse of its building was to further fortify and secure Nightshade Pass itself, since enemy armies could not easily travel through the valley pass without using the bridged ford located between the lower walls of the fortress, exposing them to fire from soldiers and mages stationed on the battlements above.

These days, 200 years after the fall of the Obsidians, the abandoned fortress has been overrun by wild animals and even darker creatures that either wish to make a lair of this ancient edifice, seek the treasure buried within, or desire the power offered by the Obsidian Forge (if the ancient legends hold any truth). But travelers beware! Bandits haunt the shadowed trails of Nightshade Pass, trolls and kobolds have been seen wandering the ruins, the undead of the ancient armies poses a constant threat, and the terrible might of the volcanic mountain of Hilt is a constant reminder of the elemental fury of nature itself."

Level 1


Points of Interest

Thrones of the Obsidian Generals



Kobold Fighter (486 hp)

Kobold Archer (424 hp)

Kobold Mage (370 hp)


Level 2