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Starting with Release 52 (Official Launch) the Heraldry system became available and it allows players to display a customized image or symbol on banners, shields, and armor.


Starting with Release 52 (Official Launch - March 27, 2018) the Heraldry system became available and it allows players to display a customized image or symbol on banners, shields, cloaks, and armor.

How do I access the system?

Players who pledged at Virtual Collector level or higher during the Kickstarter gained access to the system first; however, the system will be open to everyone starting with Release 53 (April 26, 2018). You can find the link under the Special Rewards section of your account page (see below) or visit the Update Heraldry Blazon page directly.


Where do I get a design?

There are two primary methods for creating a design; (1) submit a custom image or (2) use the Blazon Generator.

Designing and submitting a custom image provides you with the most flexibility, but it will require some skills with photo editing software like Photoshop or Inkscape. Additionally, all custom submissions will need to be approved by a moderator prior to appearing in-game.

When working with custom images, it is important to note that the final submission will be resized to a 256x256 pixel .png file. Taking this into consideration, it is recommended to:

  • Design your image using a square workspace that is at least 500x500 pixels and has a transparent background
  • Center your image within your workspace
  • Leave as little margin as possible between the edge of your design and the edge of the workspace so that the image will appear as large as possible in-game.
  • Simplify the image where you can since many small details may be not be visible after the image size is reduced or may be too small to see once it is applied to items in-game.
  • Save your design in the .png format to preserve the transparent background

Alternatively, you can access the Blazon Generator from the submission page to generate a design using the provided options and submit it.

Note: if you are not finding any options you like within the Blazon Generator and you don’t feel comfortable designing your own, there are some heraldry generators on the internet that you may be able to use.  Additionally, there may be some other players that would be willing to assist you in producing a Blazon.

This is the design I submitted for my Avatar, Oakenhammer, based on the Blacksmithing Masterwork icon:


How do I tell when my submission is approved?

When your submission is approved, the message at the top of the Update Blazon page will state “Your Blazon has been processed and approved. Your Blazon is now available in game.”

Additionally, when your design is approved, you will see it displayed in-game on the heraldry pattern tooltip.


How do I apply the Heraldry to items?

Your Heraldry will not automatically appear on your items.  It is necessary to make use of the Pattern functionality of the crafting system in order to apply the new appearance. To do this, you will need 3 things: an appropriate item to apply the pattern to, the pattern, and appropriate crafting supplies.

As an example, for the Long Heraldry Banner, you will need:

  • Long Heraldry Banner
  • Pattern: Long Heraldry Banner
  • 3x Wax

To apply the pattern:

  • Visit a Tailoring station and find the recipe Reshape Long Heraldry Banner (note: all the ingredients under the recipe should be in white text. If any are in grey, you are missing those components)
  • Double click the recipe to add the recipe to the crafting inventory
  • Click the “Craft” button in the bottom center
  • Wait for the pattern to be applied and select “Take All” to move the item to your inventory.

Note: You will get an error message if you try to apply the pattern without an approved Blazon, so it is not possible to accidently lose your pattern.

Now you can place your new banner on the wall of your home:




This same process applies to the Heraldry Armor, except that Plate, Chainmail, and Shields use the Blacksmithing Table with Chunks of Coal as crafting supplies instead of Wax.  Leather Armor uses the Tailoring station just like the Banners.

Note: the armor and shield patterns use the normal Reshape recipes and are not Heraldry specific.



What types of Heraldry items are there?

Kickstarter backers at the Virtual Collector level or higher received a special Founder version of the banners, heater shield, and armor sets (cloth, leather, chain, and plate).

Founder Heraldry Banners

Founder Heraldry Banners

Starting with Release 53, non-Founder versions of the existing items plus a cloak and rectangular shield were made available for Heraldry.

Heraldry Banners

Heraldry Banners