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Elysium Mines (Tier 5)

Elysium Mines

Located on the Elysium island region in southwestern Novia, the Elysium Mines are accessed through the Twins Foothills. The Twins Foothills and Elysium Mines are considered to be Tier 5 and should only be explored by skilled adventurers or in a group.

The Elysium Mines is one level and houses an ancient city.

While digging some of the deeper tunnels for the Elysium Mines, the Satyr miners discovered an elaborate labyrinth with two giant statues looming over the entire complex. Legend has it that the statues are of twin brothers, one of whom killed the other in a deadly feud that became the source of the undead haunting the maze.



Points of Interest

Blue River

Wall Paintings

<roof mirrors>



Copper Ore


Silver Ore


Onyx Crystal


Diamond Crystal



Satyr Archer (530 hp)

Satyr Fighter (610 hp)

Ghost (366 hp)


Banner of Justice and Blessing of Maintenance