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Blacksmithing is a production skill used to transform refined materials into components and to use those components to assemble finished products such as armor, weapons, jewelry, and decorations. Additionally, blacksmiths can perform salvage, repair, and masterwork services.

  • Salvage is the process by which a blacksmith breaks down metal weapons and armor in order to reclaim some of the materials used to create it. The most common result is a pile of metal scraps, but uncommonly a blacksmith may receive a component or ingots. It is also possible to salvage weapons and armor found from difficult monsters or bosses and receive an exceptionally powerful component as a result.
  • Repair is the process by which a blacksmith restores durability to an item that was damaged through wear. The repair process reduces to maximum possible durability, which will ultimately result in the item breaking permanently and it will have to be replaced.
  • Masterwork is the process by which a blacksmith uses their superior skills to increase the power of a weapon or piece of armor.