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Mining is a gathering skill used to harvest metal ore, stone, and other raw resources from the environment.  The primary focus for most miners is to gather metal ores and stone for use by smelters, but it is also possible to harvest gems and reagents that are useful for other skills. 


  • How do I mine?
  • What can I mine?
  • Where can I mine?
  • Mining Skill Tree

How do I mine?

Firstly, you will need a pickaxe.  Every avatar starts with one equipped, but if you no longer have one, they can be purchased from crafting supply merchants or found on the ground in and around mines.  Pickaxes have limited durability and will need to be periodically replaced, so it is recommended to carry multiple pickaxes for longer mining sessions.

PRO TIP: Indestructible pickaxes with bonuses can be purchased from the Add-on Store.

Next, you will need to locate a mining node.  These nodes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types (more about this below).  To validate that the node you found is for the mining skill, when you move your mouse cursor over the node, the cursor will change into the pickaxe icon. Once you have located a mining node, stand near it and double click it.  Your avatar will move to the appropriate point and begin swinging the pickaxe.  A progress bar will appear towards the bottom of the screen.

Upon a successful mining attempt, a loot window will open up containing the rewards for your effort.  Once you collect your loot, the mining node will disappear and you will need to locate a new node.  if your mining attempt fails, you will be notified in your chat window and you can try again until you succeed.

What can I mine?

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Where can I mine?

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Mining Skill Tree

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